Who we are

Our goal is to improve the experience of face to face fundraising for everyone.

The founders of waysact spent many years in direct recruitment of new supporters for a wide variety of causes. We know how important the first contact with the supporter is and how valuable it is to the charity. Based on our extensive experience in the sector, we've built a software platform for the face to face fundraising industry. A product that delivers lower attrition, lower costs of acquisition and that creates opportunities for better relationships between causes and their supporters.

We are now supporting over 1,000 face to face fundraising campaigns in 25 countries and 17 languages - including Austria, Germany, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Britain, Taiwan, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Greece, Philippines, USA, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Finland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

We are a small but fearsome team and have a mission to further the regular giving movement until the long term financial support of a cause becomes a part of everyone's identity.