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Designed by professional fundraisers for professional fundraisers, Waysact is more than just a complete solution for face to face fundraising.

Stats, stats, and more stats

Track pledges per hour and  face to face fundraiser  interactions as they happen.

Pledges per hour

We’re professional fundraisers too.

We understand that the exact number of hours being worked is something only really known in the morning each day.

So we designed easy to use workflows that ensure the hours worked are systematically accurate, each day.

It’s liberating and game changing when you have these kinds of statistics, in real time. At your fingertips.

Face to face fundraisers can see the percentage of pledges cancelled at every possible interval in their lifetime

Cancellation percentages

See the percentage of pledges cancelled at every possible interval in their lifetime, then change the parameters to view trends.

Don’t just catch the rogue scenarios as they appear but nail the subtleties as well.

Intelligently designed face to face fundraiser leaderboards

Fundraiser Leaderboard

Balance performance with quality with intelligently designed leaderboards that are visible to the whole field.

Face to face fundraisers are competitive, goal-oriented people. In a field of face to face fundraisers there is always one who is quick off the mark; and with live up to the second statistics, they can now provide the others with something to chase.

Each  face to face fundraiser has a unique, personal dashboard

Fundraiser Dashboard

Give your face to face fundraisers access to all the statistics we know impact on performance, in real time.

Do you have a target age, gift amount or payment method ratio to improve? It’s easier when it’s all there for the fundraisers to see in black and white, or in pink and orange and green...

What's happening to the pledge? Did the new donation go through? Fundraisers can see how pledges are progressing on the fundraiser’s log page.

Fundraiser feedback logs

Cancellations are not only peer visible/reviewable, they can be fed back to the fundraiser’s dashboard within minutes of the supporter calling in to the charity.

They can also be fed back to managers in the field, allowing them to be completely responsive.