'Nothing is more important to Waysact than ensuring the security of our customers' information and the protection of new supporters' personal and financial data' - James Goodridge CEO

We take the security of the face to face fundraising industry’s data very seriously. Waysact has and continues to make significant investments in the infrastructure, people, tools and processes required to keep this data secure. We are conscious of the fact that face to face fundraising has inherent exposure to valuable supporter information; and responsibility for trust in the systems and processes that secure this data across the entire industry is on our shoulders. We manage this by...

Helping our customers in becoming PCI DSS certified

The Waysact PCI Certification Program

When used properly Waysact is an effective system for reducing your exposure to credit card security risk. Put simply, Waysact encrypts cardholder data immediately and it is not necessary for a human, or a system that is not PCI certified, ever seeing that cardholder data in plain text ever again.

Unfortunately this does not automatically mean your business is compliant. Fortunately it means the process of certifying compliance can be far more straightforward. The Waysact PCI Certification Program is designed for Waysact customers. We have partnered with our Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to build a compliance system aligned to how our customers interact with cardholder data and their risk exposure. We can now guide customers through the relevant requirements, documentation and processes in a secure portal, for a fixed cost. As an outcome you will have demonstrable certification from an accredited QSA.

The PCI Certification Program involves:

  1. Unlimited support for a period of 12 months from date of engagement.
  2. Identifying and completing the appropriate PCI DSS self-assessment questionnaire.
  3. Completing the attestation of compliance.
  4. Developing necessary policy and procedure documents, and assistance with their implementation.
  5. Awareness and training, including webinars and updates.
  6. PCI DSS compliance certificate.
  7. Quarterly scans by an approved scanning vendor (where required).

Learn more about PCI DSS.

The Waysact PCI Certification Program is available to most Waysact customers. Contact us at for more information.